Navigating the Ponie Menu!

Hello Amaretto Community and Happy Friday! We made it through the week! Time for the weekend! Today I wanted to do a little refresher on the Ponie Pals menu. The Ponie Pals are so adorable and once you understand the main menu better it will make breeding more fun and enjoyable! Let’s get started!

Last Bred: Says, in local, the last ponie that it was bred to, or says “This Ponie has never been kissed!” if they have never been bred

Last Basket: Says, in local, the name of the last basket and UUID or “This Ponie has never been kissed!” if they have never had a basket


  • Walk (Will ask to attach the ponie, select yes and this ponie will walk beside you)
  • Hold (Will ask to attach the ponie, select yes and this ponie will attach to your right arm to be held)

While wearing the ponie, you can edit and adjust it to where you like. When finished adjusting, click the ponie select save from the menu and it will save the position for next time.

To remove the ponie, just detach it in inventory. If you want to change the animation between walk and hold, rez the ponie back out and use the wear menu again.

**When attaching the ponie to your avatar, it can possibly remove your avatar mesh body. Just add your mesh body back after attaching the ponie.**

Consumables: this menu lists the consumables you can use on your ponie

  • Cake! (multi stat booster)
  • Soup (used to heal the ponie when sick)
  • Energize Me (stat booster used for zing)
  • M Sundae, Moxie Sundae (stat booster used for moxie)

Rename: To rename your ponie “Amaretto Ponie Pal: Please say the name you would like me to have in local!”

Label: To set a label for your ponie which is displayed under the name

  • Set Label: “Please say the label you would like me to have in local!”
  • Clear Label: “Clearing custom label!”

Website: Says, in local, the link to the Social Network

Support: Says, in local, the links to the ponie wiki and the support sites

Settings: Multiple setting menus

  • Go home: sends ponie home
  • List: Lists settings of your ponie
  • Breed: who will your ponie breed with (Owner, Group or All)
  • Set Home: Resets your ponies home position
  • Sound: To turn off and on sounds
  • Movement: To set your ponies movement to Physical, Phantom or Off
  • Text: Turns text on and off
  • Range: To set/change the range of your ponie
  • Animations: To turn off and on animations
  • Particles: To turn off and on particles

Stats: Shows the stats of the ponie

Parents: Says, in local, the names and UUIDS of the ponies parents or if the ponie is a stater will say “This Ponie is a starter ponie”

Main Menu: Takes to back to the main start menu

Close: Closes out the menu


I hope this helps everyone gain a little more understanding of the Ponie Pals main menu!

Happy breeding everyone!

Until next time…..


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