Amaretto likes to get WILD!!

Hey everyone its a terrific Tuesday here at Amaretto Ranch!
I wanted to talk about something I see in the group a lot! You guys like to get WILD!!

Lets talk about Wild Hairs!
Here are some questions that I have seen lately about wild hair!

What hair can be a wild hair ??
Any horse that has a regular mane and tail sculpt.

Does that include charmed horses?
That includes charmed, limited edition, haven horses.

How can I tell what a wild hair looks like there isnt a wild hair section on the wiki??
No there is no wild hair section just go to the specific horse your wild hair is and take a peek!

Does wild hair have the ability to pass??

Where do wild hairs come from?
The come from starter horses, new limited editions, and new haven horses!

How do i know if my wild hair is new or old??
Have you seen it before? If not it could be a new wild hair!

Is wild hair considered a trait??

How many wild hairs are there??
As many horses that have a regular mane and tail sculpt.

Here is examples of a normal tail sculpt:

Here is an example of a not normal tail sculpt:

Hopefully i have cleared up some of the confusions on wild hair! This is Ava happy breeding everyone!! Lets get WILD!


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