Hey everyone another Monday is here! I want to say THANK  YOU to everyone who donated and picked up  a special  Amaretto Limited Edition – Sakura Blossom Horse.

So its come to my attention that a few people having some issues with horse haven and sending their horses there.

To send a horse to horse haven:
1. Bring the menu up and click settings

2. Click the HorseHaven button

3. You have to hit yes to confirm sending the horse to HH

If you are going around the grid buying up old horses to haven to get a haven horse: **** you must rerez the horse or bundle before you haven***If you don’t do this you will not get your points.
Once a horse is sent to horse haven it can not be reversed, so please be careful and this is why you always have to confirm when sending a horse to HH.

The Memorable Haven Horse is not going anywhere anytime soon for those of you who were wondering.
Just one more thing you guys it was so cool seeing the donation prim located are your shops and ranches. So i ask all of you to display them proudly and lets show everyone in SL what all of us breeders can do for a good cause!!! Just a reminder the Sakura Blossom Horse will be available until the 25th, so be sure to let your friends know a great way to get someone new into the horses I mean it comes with food and everything!!

Well happy breeding to all of you and heres to a great week full of surprises from all our new starters!!!


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