Sol and Crescent Paw Warmer!

Hello everyone! I wanted to take some time and show off 2 brand new traits that we just uncovered for the Amaretto K-9s!

Take a look at the Sol and Crescent Paw Warmer!

How do you get one of these new Paw Warmers? All you have to do is to snag a 2018 Summer Edition – Helios & 2018 Summer Edition – Hecate and breed them together!

If you wanna read about all the 2018 Summer Editions you can here:

2018 Summer Editions!!

Remember that the eyes and collars from the 2018 Summer Editions do have the ability to pass!!

These Paw Warmers are awesome! You can find a complete list here:

These paw warmers are def a great addition to our growing list of possible k9 traits!


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