Information Needed on Tickets

First and most important is your In World SL name. Without this we can’t send your horses or bundles back to you.

Second is the Horse’s UUID number. Here are the steps to finding that number.
1. Right click on the horse, and edit.
2. Click on General tab.
In the area called Description is a lot of numbers and letters.
3. Left click and highlight all of those numbers.
When you finish highlighting
4. Click Ctrl and C on your keyboard
Then you can paste onto a note card , or straight to your ticket. by clicking Ctrl and V on your keyboard
This number is very important and is needed for us to help you. The same can be repeated for bundles.

Third is Including your notecard with info in your folder. Do Not send us just a note card without it being in a folder.

How to make a Folder

1 Left click on Create at the top of your inventory page

2 Left click on New Folder, a New Folder will appear in your inventory

3 Rename the folder with your Full SL name and ticket number on the folder, because if you send items in a folder with no name and ticket number, we have no way of knowing who sent them.

We treat all support tickets as individual cases. So what one person has done for their issue may not happen with your issue. This is why sometimes the tickets take longer then others because more information is needed for some issues. Please believe us when we say we are trying our best to get every issue handled in a timely manner as best we can. Please work with us when having support issues as this will help the process move smoothly. This includes providing clear explanations of what issue you are having, uuid numbers and parent information are always helpful. Naming your horses is always important and it is extremely difficult to find which Amaretto Breedable Horse is having the issue.

We understand that filing support tickets can be a pain and we of all people wish it was not even needed, but with Second Life being well Second Life it is necessary.


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