Barnyard Bird Menu!

Howady all and Happy Monday!!! I covered the menu for the Ponie Pals on Friday so today I’m going to cover the Breedable menu for the Barnyard Birds. Clicking on any of your own Amaretto Ranch Breedable Barnyard Birds will reveal its menu. We will cover them in order of their appearance. In your menu you will find the following main categories

Main Menu

  • Consumables
  • Send API
  • Stats
  • Update
  • Go Home
  • Wake Up
  • Help
  • Amaretto Website
  • Settings
  • Breeding
  • Feed

  • Vivacity
  • Flu Shot
  • Beloved
  • Glow
  • Potency
  • Main Menu

Send API

  • We established this button for 3rd party products. It sends the API to their 3rd party products over a certain channel.


  • Clicking this button provides the Barnyard Bird stats in Local Chat


  • This button is for use with the Amaretto Updater. When an update is issued, you will rez the updater next to the Barnyard Bird, click the Barnyard Bird, click the update button and the Barnyard Bird will update to the correct version.

Go Home

  • Sends the Barnyard Bird to its home position

Wake Up

  • This button is used to wake up the Barnyard Bird. Your Barnyard Bird must be at 25% energy in order to wake up.


  • Clicking this button will send you a notecard of the Amaretto Ranch Breedable Barnyard Bird User Manual

Amaretto Website

  • Puts URL for the Amaretto Ranch Website in Local Private Message Main Website


  • Extra Anims *On, Off (This button is to turn off/on the extra animations on the bird, which is going to food when hungry and running when bumped)
  • Sanctuary (This button is to send your Barnyard bird/nest to Sanctuary. Once this button is clicked you will then need to confirm sending your Barnyard Bird to Sanctuary. Before you do that though you will see the point value of that Barnyard Bird and just as a little notice that once a Barnyard Bird has been sent to Sanctuary it cannot be reversed)
  • Name – After clicking this you will get the following options:

Rename (This is to create a name for your Barnyard Bird)

Custom (This is to create a custom name for your Barnyard bird)

Clear Custom (This is to clear out the custom name field)

  • More Stats
    • No Companion (Will show the name of Bird if Companioned)
    • Mating: Owner (shows mating status for the bird)
    • Food type: Barley food (shows type of food the bird is on)
    • Home <52.49036, 217.18810, 21.40429>  (current home location for the bird)
    • Range 5 (range the bird is set at)
    • Text On (shows if the bird text is set to off or on for the bird)
    • Movement Locked (shows movement setting for the bird)
    • Animations On (shows animations setting for the bird)
    • Sounds On (shows sounds setting for the bird)
    • Extra Animations Off (shows if the extra animations are off or on for the bird)
  • Main Menu (returns you to the main menu for the bird)
  • Set Home (to set the home position of the bird)
  • Set Range (to set the range on the bird)
  • Text *On, Off (to turn off or on the text on the bird)
  • Movement *Physical, Phantom, Off (to turn movement to physical, phantom, or off)
  • Animations *On, Off (to turn the animations off or on)
  • Sound *On, Off (to turn the sounds off or on)



  • Last Nest ( this shows the last nest dropped by this particular bird)
  • Main Menu (returns you to the main menu for the bird)
  • Breeding – After clicking this you will get the following options:
  • Main Menu (returns you to the main menu for the bird)
  • Mating ( click to choose Owner, Group, Anyone setting for the bird)
  • Parents (click for parent’s names and their stats)
  • Last bred to (click for the show the last bird it was bred to)


  • Pellets (click this to set your bird to Pet Pellets)
  • Barley (click this to set your bird to Barley Bird Diet)
  • Main Menu (returns you to the main menu for the bird)


I hope this helps make breeding these wonderful feathered friends a lot easier and enjoyable!!! Until next time…..


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