Saddle Up!

Hello yall! Happy Monday!! I hope you had a great weekend and are all saddled up for an amazing week ahead! Today I wanted to talk to you about a trait for the horses that is awesome… The Saddle! On July 30, 2014 until August 16, 2014 Amaretto sold 2014 Limited Edition Summer horses and these horses held the surprise of the 24th Trait! Saddles!! The Saddles DO have the ability to pass ! Let’s take a look below at the gorgeous saddles available to date! You can also visit the Horse wiki at anytime to see the saddles!

Saddle release dates!


On July 30, 2014 until August 16, 2014 Amaretto sold 2014 Limited Edition Summer horses! These horses held the surprise of the 24th Trait! Saddles!!

On Feb.9, 2015 until February 16, 2015 Amaretto sold 2015 Limited Edition Valentines horses! If breed together this gave you a chance of one of the hidden surprises which were 4 new saddles! Saddle Red, Saddle Pink, Saddle Rainbow Heart, Saddle Red Rose!

On August 3, 2015 until August 17, 2015 Amaretto sold Summer LE’s, SE’s, and CE’s! Any breeding of these horses gave you the possibility at some hidden surprises Saddle Rainbow and Saddle Blue.

On September 1, 2015 Amaretto celebrated their 5th Birthday with Dazzle Horses! These horses had the ability to pass their saddles! This is where the Saddle Garnet Dazzle, Saddle Topaz Dazzle, Saddle Emerald Dazzle, Saddle Sapphire Dazzle, Saddle Amethyst Dazzle, and Saddle Diamond Dazzle came from!

On Dec.18,2015 Amaretto wanted to celebrate Christmas with some 2015 Holiday Edition Horses. These 2015 Holiday Edition Horses have a chance at getting the eyes as well as hidden surprises from any breeding. This surprise was the Candy Cane and Snowflake Saddle.

April 8, 2016 until April 22, 2016 Amaretto sold the 2016 Spring Edition Animals!!! You could get a chance at the new Rose, Mango, Electric, and Seaspray saddle from any breeding of these Spring Edition Horses!

On July 1, 2016 Amaretto held the Amaretto Jamboree Auction and unveiled the second Horses in the line of Seven Heavenly Virtues and Seven Deadly Sins. The Fortitude and Disdain saddles were hiding in these horses!

On October 7,2016 Amaretto release horse update version 5.5 and released new starters with hidden saddles in them these saddles were Black Leather, Cyan, Purple, and Yellow.

On October 7,2016 Amaretto released new starters in version 5.5 there were new hidden Dazzle Horses Ruby, Peridot, Opal, Turquoise, and Pearl Dazzle Horses.

On November 24, 2016 Amaretto celebrated Thanksgiving with some random drop traits these traits included Gravy saddle and Cranberry Sauce Saddle.

On Jan 27,2017 Amaretto celebrated ARU Graduates with this A.R.U. Saddle that can pass from any 2017 A.R.U. Graduation Edition breeding!

On March 3, 2017 Amaretto celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with some St. Patrick’s Day Horses! You could get a chance at a Kelly and Clover Saddle from any breeding.

On June 26, 2017 until July 19, 2017 Amaretto celebrated 4th of July with Celebrate Independence 2017 horses! You could get a new Celebrate Saddle from any breeding of these Celebrate Independence 2017 horses!

On October 18th until October 31st Amaretto celebrated Halloween with 2017 Halloween Edition Vampire Bats! These bat were hiding 4 new saddles! Leather Toxic, Black Leather Toxic, White Leather Bloody, and Black Leather Bloody!

On June 15, 2018 Amaretto held the Amaretto 3rd Country Fair! Saddle Generosity was hiding in the OOAK Seven Heavenly Virtues – Charity Horse.

On June 15, 2018 Amaretto held the Amaretto 3rd Country Fair! Saddle Selfishness was hiding in the OOAK Seven Deadly Sins – Greed Horse.

On November 15, 2018 Amaretto released 2018 Asian Steampunk LE’s these horses were hiding the Saddle Hong Se and Jin Se.


The saddle is a beautiful trait that can add so much to any breeding project! Collect them all!

Happy breeding to you all!

Until next time….


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