Its mean green time! Hey everyone hope everyone is having a terrific Tuesday! I wanted to take a few moment to show off all the surprises from the Luck of the Irish Editions!

First up look at these legs! Introducing to you the newest Duck leg Shamrock!
Remember these legs DO have the ability to pass!

From the legs to the face! Check out this Clover Face Marking! The Clover Face Marking DOES have the ability to pass as well!

Now my K-9 friends take a look at this show stopping Leg Gem Emerald! Like the other surprises the Leg Gem Emerald DOES have the ability to pass!

If Horses are your thing well your in luck! Because these lucky guys got a brand new Green Ear Tip, which conveniently matches the socks and bridle! I think someone did that on purpose but! You never know!!!

You can get any of these surprises from any breeding where at least one parent is a Luck of the Irish Edition! Happy Breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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