Hey everyone Happy Saturday!! Can you believe that this is the last weekend of March already!!

Today I want to shine the spotlight on the Branding Trait.

The branding trait comes from breeding “Starter Coats” together or one starter with any other horse and CAN be passed on with the exception of the Amaretto Branding which is limited to the Show Horse only and can NOT pass on.

You could also get a Null Branding – a Null trait is an “Invisible trait”, a placeholder. These placeholders were implemented as a way to allow the breeder to have a maximum trait horse but still look the way they want it to look.



Brandings are a great way to enhance any of your projects and with so many to choose from just imagine the possibilities.  So pick your favorites then add them to your projects! To take a closer look check them out on the wiki.

Branding Wiki<
Random Branding Wiki

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a terrific weekend!

Happy Breeding!!


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