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Hey Everyone,

First of all, Happy Easter!

Today I wanted to talk about a new section Bazza and I set up on our website The Amaretto Family (The Amaretto Family is not ran by Amaretto, it’s ran by myself and Bazza.)
Bazza and I have noticed at the Amaretto community meetings and in the groups that a lot of you would like some kind of Wild Hair wiki page.

Although you can use the official wiki to look up the coat and check out it’s hair when trying to find out what a wild hair looks like, we understand that some of the pictures don’t show the hairs in as much detail as you would like so we decided to add a section to our site where YOU the breeders can take pictures of wild hairs that you have in world and add your own Wild hairs to the library as long as it hasnt been submitted before.

This means all of us can compile our own “wiki” of wildhairs.

You can check out the Wild Hair Library here:

To post one, make sure you are signed up and signed into the site. All you need to do is first search if the hair you want to post is already posted by typing the name of the wild hair into the search bar at the top and clicking enter, if it doesnt come up. You are good to go!

Then just go to the section the hair should be in, such as Limited Edition, or Crazed, etc and read the requirements for the wild hair submission at the top of that page to make sure your picture matches the criteria. Click “Start New Topic”, input the Wild Hair name as it is in the stats in-world in the title bar, then upload the picture and submit your post for review.

Once myself or Bazza checks it over it should appear in the library relatively quickly.

Thats all from me today & I hope you are all having a great Easter!

Hugs Marku


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