June Craved Coat Announced!

We know everyone has been anxiously waiting for the announcement of the all new craved coats and how they work. So, for our very first craved coat, from June 1, 2019 until June 30, 2019, you breed any two Overos, Splashed Great Danes, Faverolles, or Painted Ponies and have a chance at getting a Craved Rainbow Striped Overo, Splashed Great Dane, Faverolles, or Painted Ponie. This all new coat does have the ability to pass and get any of the traits available to that animal.

So horses, all you need to do is breed two Overos together. Any Overo including the Showhorse. K-9s, you breed any two Splashed Great Danes together. Birds, breed any two Faverolles together. And Ponies, you breed any two Painted Ponies together. Pretty simple right? And each month will be a entirely new coat and I must say they look awesome!

Have fun birthing and breeding!


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