Double Haven Weekend!!

Double Points Weekend!! That’s right, beginning tomorrow, August 30th at 10am any Horse sent to Horse Haven, any K-9 sent to Puppy Paradise and any Bird sent to Sanctuary and Ponie sent to Oasis will receive Double Points!

If you are purchasing horses, K-9s, birds, ponies, bundles, kennels and nests or baskets to send to Horse Haven/Puppy Paradise/Bird Sanctuary/Ponie Oasis please remember that you MUST rerez them so that you will get the points and not the person who previously owned the item!

The double Horse Haven/Puppy Paradise/Bird Sanctuary/Ponie Oasis points will end Monday, September 2nd at 10 am SLT. So after September 2nd at 10 am SLT normal points will resume. You can check your Haven Points, Kennel Cash, Henny Pennies and Ponie Points at any Amaretto location by using the balance inquiry button. Please be sure when you are using the vendors that you are choosing the correct Haven/Puppy Paradise/Bird Sanctuary/Ponie Oasis item as returns and exchanges will NOT be given.


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