Name Those Drops!

I’d just like to revisit an old post of mine about renaming your Amaretto drops. I know there is a limit on characters in each of Amaretto’s breedables, but you CAN work with that and still have the info you need when renaming. When renaming horse bundles you may get this message-Your name is longer than 36 characters or contains faulty characters. Try again and use abbreviations whenever possible and remember some characters aren’t allowed

The limits on characters when naming are
36 for horses
30 for K9s
36 for ponie pals
36 for barnyard birds

Some symbols not allowed when naming are ( ) and *. Ponie Pals also do not allow the slash symbols.

Remember when naming to try using a system that is easy for you to remember. It will be a great help when searching your hoard…er…inventory for items you need for a special project, and it can help if you need to file a ticket and don’t have the UUID. Not to mention it can be fun to come up with inventive names. OK, I mentioned it anyway. Have a good weekend and Happy Breeding


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