Craved Speckled Ponies!

Hey everyone hows your day going? Well mine is going alright! I want to first shout out to everyone who attended the Community Meeting, and everyone who won a prize!

I wanted to take some time and shine a little light on some cute little ponies!

What am Im talking about……….. well Craved Speckled Ponies!

How do you get one?
August 1, 2019 until August 31, 2019, you breed any two of the following Ponies Painted Ivory or Whitie Fabulous, you have a chance at getting a Craved Speckled Ponie!

If you got one it DOES have the ability to pass!

You can always check out the latest craved on the wiki, which I will be working hard to bring up to date!

Well until next time happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and OUT!


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