Quack Quacker Quacken!

Did you know your Amaretto ducks can swim? If you have access to Linden water, you can turn on movement and animations, set them down in it and they will swim back and forth. Sorry, it doesn’t work in prim water. They will walk under water in that case, as long as they can hold their breath

Another thing to know, is that they can use some of the Amaretto chicken products. That’s right, they can use the flu shots, poultry glow, potency seeds, and vivacity corn, and even the Beloved Bird!

Ducks also use the same incubator as chickens. It’s the 3.0/1.1 version available free at the bird food stores. And thanks to the last bird update, it no longer takes an hour to hatch the nests, only a few minutes.

Ducks are also like the chickens in that one food lasts one bird 4 weeks, 2 birds 2 weeks and so on. Their hardiness should also be at or near 100%. You can breed one drake to one hen

Here is the duck wiki so you can check out all the great breeds and traits on these funny Amaretto birds.


In closing, quack quack quacker


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