Trait Talk 2.21

Hello again my fellow horse lovers! Today I’m going to cover the new traits that have come out with the 2.21 update!

The new coats that have been released to date are:

Black Classic Clydesdale
Brown Classic Clydesdale
Red Classic Clydesdale
Gold Classic Clydesdale
Grey Classic Clydesdale
White Classic Clydesdale

Black Tobiano Shetland
Brown Tobiano Shetland
Cream Tobiano Shetland
Gold Tobiano Shetland
Red Tobiano Shetland
Silver Tobiano Shetland

The new eyes that have been released to date are:

Albino Eyes:
Multi Blue Pink Hazel
Multi Green Blue Hazel
Hazel Green
Fire and Ice
True Albino
Yin Yang

Zodiac Eyes:
For more about Zodiac eyes please see Richie’s post here…
Pisces Amethyst
Pisces Aquamarine
Aries Aquamarine
Aries Diamond
Taurus Diamond
Taurus Emerald

Galaxy Eyes:
These eyes are completely random. They are like the element eyes in terms of receiving them.
Cosmic Galaxy
Mystic Galaxy

Sakura Eyes:
These are are available on the Sakura horses but can be passed on.
Life Green Sakura
Passion Pink Sakura

The new manes and tails released are:

Upright Long

Upright Long

The new hair and coat traits released:
These traits are in the same category as gloom. It can only have one of these traits per area, hair and coat. For example… If a horse has hair gloom, it can not have hair chill or hair warmth but it could have coat gloom, coat chill or coat warmth.
Hair Chill
Hair Warmth
Coat Chill
Coat Warmth

There you go… the list of new traits available since the 2.21 update!! Have fun mixin’ and matchin’ your old with your new. The combinations will be gorgeous!
Until my next post……


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