Sprinkled Glazed anyone?

Hey everyone its another manic Monday! I wanted to end this month on a high note and shine a spotlight on this months awesome sweet craved! If you missed it the month of March was super sweet!

Take a look at these Craved Sprinkled Glazed horses!

Craved Sprinkled Glazed Cocoa Lipizzan

Craved Sprinkled Glazed Mocha Akhal-teke

Craved Sprinkled Glazed Chocolate American Miniature

Craved Sprinkled Glazed Chocolate Rabicano

If you bred together in any combination the following horses in the month of March:
Akhal-Teke Mocha
Chocolate Rabicano
Cocoa Lipizzan
Chocolate American Miniature

then you had a chance to make one of these Craved Sprinkled Glazed! Remember the Craved DO have the ability to pass their coat! I can think of a few different traits to put on these horses.

If you didn’t get to get in on Marchs round of Craved be sure to get in Aprils!

Happy breeding everyone! This is Ava over and out!


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