New Boston Terriers!

Hello everyone! Hope everyone is having a great day and a not so Manic Monday! Todays times and challenges have definitely been having effects on everyone, and if no one has told you today your doing a great job!

I wanted to talk all of you guys and shine my spotlight on something that makes my day better, and that is Boston Terriers!

With the release of Version 3.1 on Feb.11, 2020 hiding in those starter k9s were a brand new coat the Boston Terriers!

There are 6 different colors of Boston Terriers they are the following:

*Fawn Brindle Boston Terrier
*Liver and White Boston Terrier
*Seal and White Boston Terrier
*Seal Brindle Boston Terrier
*Black and White Boston Terrier
*Champagne Boston Terrier

These K9s do have the ability to pass and get all those amazing traits that you can put on all your other k9s! I know that some of you are already getting and working on projects that include Boston Terriers!

This is just one amazing things that came from the latest k9 update! So keep your eyes out for these beauties! Happy Breeding Everyone this is Ava over and out!


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