Gem Crown Horns!

Hey guys its me again! Hope you are all having a good day! We are almost to hump day so the week is almost half over! YAY!!

So on one of my last collections I talked about how I was working on the wiki and I thought I needed to spotlight a few new horns that made their way on to the wiki today!

You may have seen these horns around as they are not brand new but they certainly are cool looking. Formally introducing to you the Gem Crown Horn!

There are currently 5 Gem Crown horns:
Gem Crown Frostbitten
Gem Crown Jungle
Gem Crown Bloodlust
Gem Crown Beachy
Gem Crown Neon Twilight

All of these have the ability to pass! You can find them all here and read about them anytime you like:

I do have to say that these horns look great with the Crystal Wing! I know you guys will come up with some amazing projects with these horns!

Until next time this is Ava over and out! Happy breeding!


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