10th Birthday Surprises!

Hello everyone! Its almost time for our birthday! I am excited and i know that a lot of you guys are.

We will be partying all day tomorrow, starting at noon! But! I have some news to share with all of you tho today!

Tomorrow, we will start out the day with double haven points! Please look out for the notice, announcing that they have begun. Don’t start havening until to Amaretto says so!

Also I am excited to announce to everyone that we will also be having a Amaretto 10th Birthday Sale! These sale items will be at the main stores only and will be available all day long!

Whats on sale?
Well I am glad you asked every Amaretto Consumable there is!

That is right for all five of our animals! Every Amaretto consumable will be discounted by 20% if you purchase from the Happy Birthday Amaretto Sale Display!

I hope to see you all at the birthday celebration tomorrow! Happy Breeding everyone!


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