Gem Crown Horns make Vaporwaves!

Hello everyone! I wanted to take some time to clarify somethings, about the Vaporwave horses! In case you didn’t get a chance to go to the Amaretto 10th Birthday you might have missed the big announcement.

The Vaporwave horses are a new exciting set of 6 Horses
Vaporwave – Cassette
Vaporwave – Cassette Ultraviolet
Vaporwave – Sunset Retro
Vaporwave – Sunset Haze
Vaporwave – Desert Chrome
Vaporwave – Neon Chrome

How do you get one you ask? Well its pretty simple you have to breed together 2 horses with the new Gem Crown Horns. Which horns do you ask?

Gem Crown Frostbitten
Gem Crown Jungle
Gem Crown Bloodlust
Gem Crown Beachy
Gem Crown Neon Twilight
Gem Crown Reflection Nebula
Gem Crown Soul Nebula

All Gem Crown Horns can be seen on our wiki:

I have had some people ask me does this mean we can just breed the Gacha or Limited Edition count?

Well the Gem Crown Horn must be listed in the stats of the horse. Meaning you must have the trait of the Gem Crown Horn, so a Starter horse with the horn will not work.

These horses are amazing I can not wait until you guys start getting these! Remember they DO NOT have the ability to pass their coat!

Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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