Got a suggestion?

Another Manic Monday here at the Ranch! I wanted to talk to you about your ideas today!

Have you ever had an idea pop into your head that you think would make a great design for an Amaretto Horse, K-9, Barnyard Bird/Duck or Ponie Pal? Perhaps, there is a topic you’d like to have more information about in a Connection?  If so, let me tell you how you can share those creative thoughts, ideas, and suggestions with us!

For design ideas, simply jot down the details on a notecard. Save the notecard and then drag and drop it into a suggestion box located at any Amaretto food store. Look for the big blue mailboxes!

You can find Amaretto store locations here:

Suggestions can, also, be submitted through the ticket system. Log into the Amaretto support website at, click on Submit A Ticket. From the Select a department page, choose Suggestions/Questions and hit the Next button.

Then, on the next page, add your SL User Name, put your suggestion in the subject box and Submit!

All suggestions, from both the mailboxes and the ticket system, are reviewed by the owners and management on a daily basis. Please understand, though, that while we value your suggestions and design input, they may not all be used. However, a lot of the designs and traits do come from suggestions from our community members!

Amaretto loves hearing from you! Happy breeding everyone, stay safe, this is Ava over and out!


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