To Hold or To Walk. THAT is The Question

We all know that salt/chew toys/orange rings/lettuce and gummies raise the happiness in our Amaretto breedables. But what happens if they run out or we are low on funds to get more? Is there any other way? YESSS! Thanks to the Amaretto scripters we have an easy way to raise the happiness on all the breedables. With horses you can ride them. Now this doesn’t mean you have to go anywhere, you can just stand in place with the horse attached, by picking it up and ADDING it from inventory as long as it is awake. In fact, you can add quite a lot of horses at once to raise their happiness. When i was on Phoenix viewer this was hilarious, as they all had to attach to separate spots on the avatar.

Now on the Firestorm viewer they all attach to the stomach, so the colors can overlap each other. It makes for some interesting pictures. Here I am wearing a Deep Sea LE and a sizzling red walker. Remember horses need to be at least 7 days old to add.

To raise the K9’s happiness you can either play fetch or walk with one dog, using the HUD, or you can hold them using the menu. To use the menu pick up the dog, add and click it for menu>holding, then select the right size. Notice I’m holding two different size dogs. You will have to set the smaller one first. Horses and dogs need to be at least 75% happy to gain fervor and heat.

To hold your Barnyard Birds you can click the menu and select attach, hold and animate your av while its rezzed, then select what type bird you want, or simply add it from inventory. Here I am holding a hen and rooster. Barnyard Birds need to be at least 85% vivacity to gain vigor and to breed.

Now with Ponie Pals, if you run out of gummies you can hold them, and more than one at a time or have them walk by you, using the menu. While theyre rezzed and awake, click the menu>WEAR>WALK or Hold and they will attach and assume the correct position, or you can pick them up and add from inventory to hold. Edit the ones you are holding into position so you can see them on your right hand. They need to be awake and healthy to do all this. Ponie Pals need to have at least 70% bliss to gain moxie for breeding.

Thanks to the wonders of SL and the genius of our Amaretto Scripters, you can hold or walk with lots and lots of the breedables to make them happy for breeding, or just for pics and giggles. Happy Holding!


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