Beak Flaws!

Hello everyone and Happy Tuesday!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! Today I wanted to take a moment to cover an awesome trait available for the Barnyard Birds! It is the Beak Flaw trait! The Beak Flaw trait comes from breeding “Starter Breeds” together or 1 starter with any other bird. This trait do have the possibility to be passed on. Take a look below at the Beak Flaw trait!

  • Mottled Dark
  • Mottled Light
  • Scratched Dark
  • Scratched Light
  • Cracked Dark
  • Cracked Light
  • Sandpaper Light
  • Sandpaper Dark
  • Speckled Light
  • Speckled Dark
  • Patina Light
  • Patina Dark

The Beak Flaw trait is a great way to add new traits to your Barnyard birds!Happy beak breeding y’all!

Happy breeding everyone! Until next time this is Ava over and out!


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