2020 Camelot Editions!

Hail fellow Amaretto breeders! I hope hat everyone is having wonderful wed! Did you happen to see any photos appear on facebook yesterday? I did have a a few of you write me asking what were these animals and where you get one well the time is here and im so excited to announce to you the 2020 Camelot Editions! Starting today and ending December 2, 2020 you can pick these up at any Amaretto store!

You do NOT have to breed these together to get super surprise! The coats on the 2020 Camelot Editions does not pass but the eyes DO have the ability to pass!

2020 Camelot Edition – King Arthur
Eye: Camelot Royal

2020 Camelot Edition – Guenevere
Eye: Camelot Golden

2020 Camelot Edition – Lady of the Lake
Eye: Camelot Collar: Pendant Knot

2020 Camelot Edition – Merlin
Eye: Camelot

2020 Camelot Edition – Lancelot
Eye: Camelot

So go get yours today and collect the entire set. Happy breeding everyone this is Ava over and out!


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