Send out the search party!

Hello everyone its another Manic Monday! I thought I would take some time and share a handy tool I use all the time when searching for a lots breedable or really any object!

There might be a couple reasons you want to use the area search feature!
Maybe you lost your favorite breedable and can’t find it where you left it! Or you wanna figure out who all has objects out on your sim or parcel!

You can find the area search under world> area search if you are using the firestorm viewer!

There are several different options that you can include in your search so you can check the ones you want to include in your search.

In this example im searching for all objects owned by Avalon Crystal on this sim.
As you see here Ive just put in my name and hit search!

You will see a whole list of objects that I own on this sim!

You can right click on any object and see the following information and options.

This is a very handy tool it has many different search options as I showed before so it could be Owner, Object Name, Description, Group, Creator, or Last Owner.

I have found all kinds of crazy things people have left behind at markets that I frequent, so try it out and see what you find! I hope that I have taught a few of you something new about second life! This is Ava over and out!


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