Look How BIG I Am!

I have frequently been asked by breeders which coats of horses were bigger or smaller than others, and made a rough guess based on the few I had rezzed at the time. Well this time I decided to dig out all I had of the different coats and measure them to see exactly which was which. Here you see a measuring tape with meters on it. Using the adults I had in storage lined up from largest to smallest you can see the really large Haven Horse Kaiila, the Belgian which is the same size as a Clydesdale. In between those two should be a Percheron, but I did not have an adult. Next up is the regular size horse sculpt, the Exmoor which is the same size as the Pottok Pony. Again, no adult Pottok. The Fell Pony and Falabella are also same size, then Haven Donkey, Shetland, and Miniature.

The second picture shows newborn Percheron and Belgian. The Perch is just slightly bigger than the Belgian, maybe half an ear LOL.

This picture shows a newborn Pottok Pony which again, is just slightly bigger than the Fell Pony.

I hope this will give those who were curious an answer. It certainly was interesting comparing the sizes and sculpts. Happy Breeding


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