Zodiac Horses

Hope everyone is having a great week-end!!

As everyone knows there are twelve Zodiac horses you can get currently. At the 3rd birthday party on September 1st, 2013, the OOAK Zodiac horses went home with twelve lucky winners. After that, the coats were able to be obtained by anyone by just breeding two zodiac eyes together. The coats are random from those eyes, so you can breed a Libra Opal and a Cancer Ruby and end up with a Pisces coat. So there is a challenge to collecting all of these magnificent horses.

But did you know, the the hardcode collector there are actually 24 of these horses needed to complete a collection? Yes, that’s right 24!! Why??? Well because each Zodiac has two sets of eyes you can get. So let’s take Cancer, for an example: you can get a Cancer zodiac with a Cancer Pearl eye or a Cancer Ruby eye.

Let’s take a look at these eyes!!

I guess we all better pull out those Zodiac eyes and start breeding!!

Have a great week-end!!



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