9th Breeders Choice Awards voting OPEN!

Hey everyone! Amarettos 11th Birthday is fast approaching and its time to vote! I am talking about the 9th Breeders Choice Awards! Voting is now OPEN!

So here is how it works! You will only be able to vote one time so make it count because there is no take backsies!

Click on this link to vote!

It will require you to put your SL First and Last name, and Email Address and a easy security question to verify your are a human!

You will then need to go to your email and click on the survey link.

Here is what your email will say:
Dear Avalon,

You, or someone using your email address, have registered to participate in an online survey titled Amaretto’s 9th Breeders Choice Awards.

To complete this survey, click on the following URL:

Link to Survey

If you have any questions about this survey, or if you did not register to participate and believe this email is in error, please contact Josie at josie@amarettobreedables.com.

Now all you have to do is take the link and answer the security question and you will now be able to vote!!!

Here are the following categories:
Best Auction House
Best Breedable Market
Best Auctioneer
Best Amaretto Collection Horses
Most Creative Horse Breeder
Most Creative K-9 Breeder
Most Creative Bird Breeder
Most Creative Ponie Breeder
Most Helpful Breeder
Most Comedic Breeder
Sexiest Breeder
Wiki Wizard

Please be sure that you vote in every category! Then you must submit your answers and you are all done!

Congratulations to everyone that was nominated! Be sure that you are spreading the word and let others know its time to vote! Winners will be announced at our 11th Bday Party on Sept 1st! Happy voting everyone!


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