As we approach the enchantment of Halloween, let’s take a look at the fantastic 2020 Halloween Edition Animals. These were some of the most amazing Halloween editions released. So let’s start with those little Ducks.


These are such adorable ducks, each animal had two different coats, styles or breeds available. The Breed DID NOT have a chance to pass but the eyes DO pass!!

What special surprises did these duck give you a chance of getting?? Mottled Orange and Grape Bill Colors. 🙂


With these adorable little Ponie Pal styles, you also could get two different styles of 2020 Enchanters. Just like with the ducks, the eyes DID PASS however the styles DID NOT PASS.

Now, what did these amazing little ponies have a chance at dropping for you, if you were fortunate enough?? The most amazing Ponie Pal trait that has ever existed! DEMON WINGS!!!

If you have not seen these click on the link above to go to the wiki page to see all the demon wings. But for us now, we will just be looking at the Spiderweb and Cobweb Demon Wings.

If you don’t have these for your Ponie Pals, you should go get them today!!!


Now of course, the puppies had to come wagging their tails so be part of the Halloween celebration!! Here are the amazing K-9 coats:


And yes, the horses did get two coats to join the party on Halloween 2020. But what did those look like? Here you go:

Now what could you get from these?? Horns!! Specifically the Bloody Coal, Bloody Bone, and Bloody Ivory steer horns.

There are all great traits! So why not go get some today.


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