Happy Saturday everyone! I hope you are all enjoying the start to your weekend and having an amazing day!

Today the spotlight is shining on the Amaretto Haven Horses.

Amaretto Breedables offers a reward system called Horse Haven. When you send your Horse to Horse Haven you will receive a number of points based on the number of traits and age for a particular Horse. Once you have accumulated enough points, you can use these points to purchase an array of items from the Horse Haven Vendor such as Pet Food, Healing Kits and our unique Horse Haven Horses.  You can read more about Horse Haven on the wiki https://horse.amaretto.wiki/index.php?title=Horse_Haven

Let’s take a look at these beauties that are currently available to us!!

So how do you get one of these? You can go to any Amaretto Horse store and get your favorite by using your Haven Points. Each of these are available at a cost of 250,000 points. Time to get on over to one of the stores and pick up your favorite today!! https://amarettobreedables.com/pages/locations

Don’t forget by breeding any of these beauties to any other horse you get a slightly increased chance of getting a Charmed and additionally breeding any haven donkey to another horse you could get a mule!

For a closer look at any of these beauties check them out on the wiki at https://horse.amaretto.wiki/index.php?title=Horse_Coats

Until next time this is Snookie hoping you have a terrific weekend and an even better week ahead!

Happy Breeding!


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