Silver Lakenvelders

Amaretto likes to base some of their breeds on real animals. In this case they used the Lakenvelder chicken. Also known as “Shadow on a Sheet,” Lakenvelder chickens are as beautiful as they are useful. In Dutch, their name translates to ‘white spread over a black field;” with laken meaning sheet and veld meaning field. This is a wonderful description of these stunningly white birds accented by their black hackles and tails. They’re an attractive breed of chicken with blue legs, deep red eyes, and long flowing tails.

The breed is found only with a single, medium-sized comb that, for hens, stands uniquely erect. The history of Lakenvelder chickens is a bit clouded, but reveals an ancient lineage. The breed may have been developed in southern Holland, just over the German border. The Dutch painter Van Gink wrote that as far back as 1727, the breed could be found near the village of Lakervelt in the southeastern corner of Holland. The breed’s first appearance in poultry shows was in 1835 in West Hanover.

Lakenvelder chickens are noted for egg production; their porcelain white eggs being quite plentiful and nicely shaped. They are great foragers, very active, and vary wary. Their active and wary nature is not unlike that of the Leghorn chicken breed. Lakenvelders have delicious tasting meat, though they are not plentifully fleshed with males weighing 5 pounds and females 4 pounds. Lakenvelders are a non-broody breed of chicken.

On Dec.18,2015 Amaretto wanted to celebrate Christmas with some 2015 Holiday Edition Barnyard Birds.
These 2015 Holiday Edition Barnyard Birds have a chance at getting the eyes as well as hidden surprises from any breeding.

The hidden Surprises was the Silver Lakenvelder!!!

Didn’t they do a great job on the textures? And the great thing is, these coats can pass!! Happy Breeding, BOK BOK!


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