Let’s get Retro!!

On September 1st, 2020 Amaretto went Retro and jumped back to the 1980s for their birthday theme. The party featured a theater and video games and everyone came in their 80’s best with lots of Neon and huge hair. The day was all about being Retro. That includes the Birthday animals released that year.

2020 Happy 10th Birthday Amaretto

This coat did have the ability to pass, along with the eyes and the collars on the K-9s. So they are all out there waiting for your special projects. And at the party, one of each was given away as a OOAK which had special little poofers which only they could have.

2020 10th Anniversary OOAK Vaporwave

As Amaretto does with every Birthday, there is a new set of animals released with a set of OOAKs that go to random members of the community, but this year something special happened with these OOAK, they came with a mane, tail and wings that could only come from the OOAKs into the community. After that it became the goal of the community to put these OOAKs back together in their own herd. Many have taken up this challenge.

Vaporwave Horses

Now you probably wonder how you can get yourself a Vaporwave if you were not lucky enough to win one of the OOAK kinds above (although note that the coat does NOT pass). Well all you have to do is breed together any two Gem Crowns which you can read all about here. When you are lucky and breeding together those crowns here is what you might get.

Remember these coats do NOT pass but the eyes can.

So get out there today and Celebrate Retro Day in 80’s style and breed some Vaporwave traits into your herd today.


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