www.amarettobreedables.com UPGRADE!

Hello Amaretto Fam! So I have some exciting news for everyone!
When you thought all you were getting was a 7.0 update and Amarettos says wait there is more!

We are happy and super excited to announce that we are completely overhauling our website!
We have had the same website and ticket system since 2011 when Amaretto first started, well its time for an upgrade!

There are a few things you should know there will be a period of time that our website and ticket system will be down. When it comes back up it will be a completely different looking website!

There will only be one login for the website and tickets, not like now where there are 2 different logins, I think this will help with the confusion on signing to make a ticket,

There are a few other things you should know about this website upgrade we are doing, when the new website comes up you will have to register with your email. You will have to register on the new website even if you were previously register on the old one.

Sadly all forums post will be lost but we will start all new shiny ones that you will be able to post to. There are still some surprises to come so keep your eyes on out on our notices and websites. I will send a notice in world when we are ready to start the maintenance because you will not be able to file a ticket. However we will be online and in world to help you with your issues. I will also send a notice when the new and improved http://amarettobreedables.com/ is back up and its safe to register.

We appreciate your understanding during the down time that we will incur but we hope you look forward to a new user friendly website!


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