Barnyard Bird Leg Color

Amaretto Barnyard Bird legs add an amazing touch to your Barnyard Bird creations, they add a flare of color to your breeding.

One of the very first to come out was the Onyx Leg which came from the Red/Black Campine which was sold for an amazing 120,000 Lindens in the June 8, 2012 Auction For a Cure.

After this Amaretto kept releasing them with Collector Editions Birds such as:

2013 Collectors Edition Fall Birds – Granite Leg
2014 Valentines Barnyard Bird – Sunstone Leg
2014 Collectors Edition Spring Bluebird – Malachite Leg
Amaretto 2014 Holiday Barnyard Birds – Azureite and Cuprite Legs
2015 Independence Day – Uncle Sam Barnyard Birds – Patriot Leg
OOAK Seven Heavenly Virtues – Kindness Barnyard Bird – Kindness Leg
OOAK Seven Deadly Sins Barnyard Bird – Wrath Leg
2015 Fall Collectors Edition Barnyard Bird – Golden Glitter Leg
2015 Halloween Collectors Edition Bird – Bloody and Toxic Slime Legs
Thanksgiving Day 2015 Random Drop – Thanksgiving 2015 Leg
2015 Holiday Edition Barnyard Bird – Platinum Blue Leg
2016 Spring Edition Barnyard Bird – Rose, Mango, Electric, and Seaspray Legs
Cinco De Mayo 2016 Random Drop – Cinco De Mayo Leg
2016 Amaretto Jamboree Auction User Created Leg – Listcalas Oath Leg
2016 Fall Edition Barnyard Birds – Cocoa n Marshmallows and Falling Leaves Legs
2017 Valentines Edition Barnyard Bird – Red Heart and Purple Heart Legs
2017 Halloween Edition Arachnia Barnyard Bird – Endora, Winnie and Maleficent Legs
2018 Mardi Gras Krewe of Amaretto Bird – Mardi Gras Leg
User Created – GLacial Inferno Leg
2018 Autumn Harvest Barnyard Bird – Candy Corn Leg

Here are images of all the wonderful Barnyard Bird Legs;

So why not head out today and grab some of these beautiful legs to add to your Bird projects!!


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