Today’s trending news is Albino Ponies. In mythical stories a Albino was thought to have magical powers. Their snowy white coats and albino eyes have always been shrouded in mystery. An albino was a rarity and sought after by all. Often you would see a God in many different cultures ride an albino portraying power and goodness.

                     When the Albino Ponie Pals hit the grid with the 2.0 update the Ponie World was all a buzz!  Ponie Pal breeders found out that breeding siblings together could drop them a Albino Ponie! With the Albino Ponie three new Albino eyes also came out: True Albino, Unseeing, And Opalescent.  Although, the Albino coat does not pass their eyes do! 

As a Ponie Pal breeder I am always making those full sib sets for a chance to drop that Albino. I know you are doing that as well……right? If not, what are you waiting for?

                    Maybe you have not breed Ponie Pals before or you have in the past.  Ponie Pals are very cute and adorable! With the 2.0 update they have had a lot of new traits added !  So get those baskets out and birth them, breed them & enjoy them all over again!  

This concludes Peach Buzz that informs you of the hottest trends in Amaretto!


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