Tuesdays With Richie!!

I have watched the chat in the main Amaretto Group for hours on end since the update was released last night and I would like to talk tonight about Warmth and Chill.  I have seen so many of you saying that we should have asked the community, well in all honesty it was the community that told us they wanted this changed.  When we first released the warmth and chill into the horses we received so many complaints about them, the community was truly upset about the fact that chill was purple and warmth was pink. So we listened and made arrangements to fix this at the first opportunity…which would be the next update.  Now the new update is out and the changes have been made and once again there is a large portion of the community that is unhappy. The staff is saddened that so many of you are upset by this change and we hope that you can give them a chance as we think once they’ve been out for awhile you will come to love the change as much as we do!

Now to clear up about the Charmed’s that were retired.  There will no longer be any Charmed Demon or Charmed Pegacorns born on the grid.  However, the Demons and Pegacorns like any other Charmed will have a slightly higher chance at producing another random Charmed.  The Albino eyes that were retired just means that no Albino will be born with those eyes any longer but the ones on the grid already still have the ability to pass.  I hope this clears up some of the confusion about the update and the entire team thanks you for your continued support of Amaretto Breedables.



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