Albino Clydesdale

Well there was another Amaretto surprise today!! The Albino Clydesdale!!! Getting the Albino Clydesdale is basically just like getting the regular Albinos …except at least one of the full siblings has to be a Clydesdale.

How do you get an Albino?
Albinos come from full siblings. This means it has to be the same mother and same father not half father or half mother. It is NOT true that the Siblings  have to have the same traits to give you an Albino, that is not true at all.
How do you get an Albino Clydesdale?
Albinos come from full siblings and to get an Albino Clydesdale atleast one of the full siblings has to be a Clydesdale.
Can Albinos pass their coat?
No. They cannot pass their coat but they can produce another Albino if you put them with their sibling. Remember, there is no other way to get an Albino except from siblings.
Can Albinos pass their eyes?
YES, the eyes on the Albinos can pass.
Although I cannot give you what the odds are of getting an Albino from a sibling pair I can tell you that not every bundle from siblings will be an Albino.

Are there more surprises from Amaretto to come ………..always 😛


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