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Lets take a look at what products can be found in the Amaretto Horse stores. Lets get started with the starter packs


Amaretto has four different horse packs


1. Single pack-1 random starter horse, 1 salt, 1 food

price is 950 L

2. Starter pack- 3 females, 1 male, 2 foods, 2 salts

price is 3000 L

3. Breeders pack-6 females, 2 males, 4 food , 4 salt

price is 5500 L

4. Rancher pack- 9 females, 3 males, 6 food, 6 salt

price is 7748 L


Next is food-Breeder Food is for horses you wish to breed once they reach 7 days old.

Pet Food is to be used when you do not wish to breed your horses. If you decide to breed your horse after feeding it Pet Food, it will take 7 days on Breeder Food for the effects of the Pet Food to wear off.


1. Pet food- 25 pack

price is 2300 L

2. Pet food 6 pack

price is 552 L

3. Pet food- 4 pack

price is 372 L

4. Pet food-single pack

price is 100 L


5. Breedable food mega pack- 100 pack

price is 13600 L

6. Breedable food Jumbo- 25 pack

price is 3700 L

7. Breedable food- 6 pack

price is 940 L

8. Breedable food- 4 pack

price is 632 L

9. Breedable food- single pack

price is 160 L


Food and salt lick combo pack


1. Breedable food jumbo mix pack- 25 food, 25 salt licks

price is 6500 L


Salt Licks- a stat booster that gives a 1% increase in happiness over time. One Salt Lick last 2 horses 2 weeks.


1.Salt Lick Mega pack- 100 salt licks

price is 14960 L

2, Salt Lick Jumbo pack- 25 salt licks

price is 4000 L

3. Salt Lick- 6 pack

price is 1000 L

4. Salt Lick- 4 pack

price is 676 L

5. Salt Lick- single pack

price is 176 L


Horsey Snacks-This one time use snack will decrease one of your horse’s nourishment by 10%.


1.Horsey Snacks- 10 pack

price is 240 L

2. Horsey Snacks- 5 pack

price is 120 L

3. Horsey Snacks- single pack

price is 24 L


Amaretto Cocktail- a onetime use cocktail that will increase energy, happiness and fervor by 5% and decrease nourishment by 5%


1. cocktail- 5 pack

price is 2500 L

2. cocktail- single pack

price is 500 L


Passion pills- a onetime use pill that will increase one of your horse’s fervor by 10%


1.Passion pills- 20 pack

price is 4960 L

2. passion pills- 5 pack

price is 1240 L

3. passion pills- single pack

price is 248 L


Sugar Cubes- a onetime use consumable that will increase one of your horse’s happiness by 15%.


1. Sugar Cubes-5 pack

price is 1000 L

2. Sugar Cubes- single pack

price is 200 L


Pregnancy boosters- a onetime use booster that will increase one of your horse’s pregnancies by 1% or 5% depending on which one you purchase


1. Pregnancy booster 5%- 5 pack

price is 3625 L

2. Pregnancy booster 5%- single pack

price is 725 L

3. Pregnancy booster 1%-5 pack

price is 2500 L

4. Pregnancy booster- single pack

price is 500 L


Healing kits- a onetime use kit that will heal one sick horse and bring its nourishment down to 0%.


1. Healing kit- 5 pack

price is 1240 L

2. Healing kit- single pack

price is 248 L


Endurance Elixir-a onetime use elixir that will increase one of your horse’s energy by 10%


1.Endurance elixir- 10 pack

price is 2000L

2. Endurance elixir-5 pack

price is 1000 L

3. Endurance Elixir- single pack

price is 200 L


Forever Foal- **The Forever Foal Certificate must be redeemed by the person who purchases it **

**One Forever Foal Gift Certificate per Horse**

**Only works for Retired Horses that are greater than 120 days old**

**Can be used on either males or females that are retired**

**Hover text will say Pet instead of Retired**

**Makes the Retired Horse no longer require food any more. **


1. Forever Foal- 1 certificate

price is 2500 L


Global Pony Settings

Price is 0 L

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Updater, current version

price is 0 L


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