Graduation !!!

Today was a very special day for our newly graduated students from A.R.U. We had 13 students Graduate today.! You all did great, congratulations to each and everyone of you. The ceremony was awesome and each Grad received a Certificate and a bundle. This Graduation Horse also has hidden surprises. An awesome party was held after the ceremony , with dancing, a sploder, and lots of trivia questions, with a lot of awesome prizes given to those who answered first and correctly.


Taking classes at A.R.U. is so beneficial, with all the knowledge that you can learn about Amaretto Breedables, products and Web site. The Graduates today completed 35 different classes and I am sure they learned a lot of helpful things by taking these classes. Even if you have been a breeder for a long time, you can still learn new things. I hope to see al lot of people in the upcoming classes, they are very informative and fun… and remember that for the next Graduation, it could be you standing there getting your diploma and wearing that Black and Orange Gown that says you now have completed your studies at A.R.U. !!!!!!


Below is a list of the names that Graduated today and some photos of the event, and a picture of the special horse.!!!!


Lilac Demonia

Snookie (snookiegirl)

Ruby Valerik

Truly Coy

Jeykob Moyet

STAR MOONLIGHT…. (starellandmoonlight)

Ŧяαиκı (franncess)

Meisha Verstandig

StarshineAdores Resident

Petr Vanbeeck

Bryan Carlucci

Angie Jacobus

Master Idol (idol001)

 c937_de80 (1)




Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Ranch University~ __Classes Now Available_



Snapshot _ ~Amaretto Ranch University~ __Classes Now Available_.png111




I’ll see YOU in the next class!!!!!!


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