Salt Licks

What are Salt licks for ?
Salts licks increase your horses happiness 1% over time.
Salt licks are used as a buffer to help with breeding.
The horses don’t need it before they are of breeding age,
 so you may want to save the salt lick till then.
The Salt Lick helps to increase the happiness of the horse.
It only needs to be used when you are trying to increase
the Fervor of the horse for breeding
and do not have the time to ride them to increase their happiness.

How long does Salt  Licks last ?
One Salt Lick last two horses two weeks .
We do NOT recommend having out more than one Salt Lick
the boosts will not stack.

Where do I put my Salt lick  ? Set your salt licks in range
with horses near  food and water .

How do I setup my Salt licks ?
Click salt lick choose  either Owner Only ,Group Only, or All.
Owner Only – Horses that only the owner owns
Group Only – Horses within the same group
All – All  horses that are around  salt licks.

Remember when the salt licks are all consumed it  will disapprear
 like POOF !


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