Keep Calm its just Tuesday!

Hey everyone its a great Tuesday here at Amaretto! We have got lots of exciting things going on, lots of work that is for sure!

We had some fun and played trivia in the main group today congrats to the following winners who received a Trivia Prize pack!


ℬợηε (serbon.cobalt)
ⓈtarrⒷaby ⒸlarringtoⓃ (starrlina.lionheart)
єレ Ðⅈσѕ ℭяσиσѕ (eldioscronos.amaterasu)
Kandi Mubble
Stephi Juliesse

If you weren’t a winner for trivia you can still win a great Amaretto Prize pack! How you ask? By entering a photo in the photo of the week contest I will choose a winner tomorrow. All you have to do is drop your photo notecard in the camera at any Amaretto Main location!

Well guys keep on keeping on and keep your eyes out for some sweet surprises! Happy breeding this is Ava over and out!



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