Valentines’ Breedable Costume Contest


Valentines Day is soon approaching, with lots of love and cupids in the air, so today I want to let everyone know that we are having a Valentines Breedable Costume Contest!!! Mark your calendars for February 11th at 3:00 pm (slt). The contest will be in the center area of the Amaretto Race Track at Boomtown. Set up will begin on February 6th after 2:00 pm (slt)

There will be awesome prizes for the Top 3 winners!!!



1.Valentine Themed- Dress your breedables up for valentines!

2. Have fun with being creative!

3. Area size limit of 14×14 Each space will have a platform pre-set out

4. Must stay under 500 prims.

5. Food will be set out starting on the 6th

Please send in your entry notecards to Maleficent Farshore as soon as possible to get your spot in the contest.


Even if you don’t want to enter, mark this event on your calendar and come check out all the awesome displays, and vote for your favorite one.



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