Happy Sunday Funday!! Miss Karrie covered Horse Haven in her blog on Friday and I covered Puppy Paradise yesterday, so I am going to go over Bird Sanctuary for you today! Bird Sanctuary is a awesome way to send those unwanted or unneeded Barnyard Birds off to a special place and in return you can earn Henny Pennies. Below I will show you how much Henny Pennies you can earn, and ways you can use Henny Pennies for some awesome Barnyard Bird products. You can find a Bird Sanctuary Vendor at any Amaretto Ranch Barnyard Bird store locations with the exception of the main Barnyard Bird location because we have the Amaretto Haven sim located right next door!!

The Bird Sanctuary Henny Pennies Reward system will Reward you for your Barnyard Birds in the following way:

  • Starter breed = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Hidden breed = 200 Henny Pennies
  • Starter eye = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Hidden eye = 200 Henny Pennies
  • Beak Color = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Beak Design = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Beak Flaw = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Leg Color = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Hidden classes = 100 Henny Pennies
  • Every cycle lost = 100 Henny Pennies

Here we have the costs in Henny Pennies for the items Currently Available from the vendor:

  • Barnyard Bird Flu Shot Single (Boxed) 8000 Henny Pennies
  • Pet Pellets Six (Boxed) 18000 Henny Pennies
  • Poultry Glow Single (Boxed) 10000 Henny Pennies
  • High Potency Seeds Single (Boxed) 8000 Henny Pennies
  • Hen Booster Pack Single (Boxed) 75000 Henny Pennies
  • Rooster Booster Pack Single (Boxed) 75000 Henny Pennies



So gather up those Barnyard Birds and nests you no longer want or need and send them off to Bird Sanctuary. You can earn Henny Pennies to buy you some great Amaretto products available through the Bird Sanctuary Vendors!


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