Amaretto is giving hugs!

Hello everyone, hope you are enjoy a little warmer weather where you are. I know I am! Can you believe we are more than half way thru February?! I think yesterday was just Christmas……..

Here is a little something for my K-9 lovers out there! Free Hugs!! Thats right Just in case you guys haven’t seen any around I thought I would give you a upclose look at the HUG!

from February 5th 2014 until March 5th 2014 If you breed any color Husky with any color Pug together you have the chance of discovering a brand new coat designed especially for the Twist called Hug! The difference between the Twist K-9s and the Best in Show K-9s is the coats you discover each month will have the ability to pass! Of course each will also come with a very cool twist eye and collar that will pass as well. So just to be clear you need to breed any color Husky with any color Pug in order to have a chance at getting one of the brand new Hugs!

Check these hugs out cause they are super cute!




Remember that the Hug Coat, Tenderness Eye, and Cupid collar on these K-9S pass!

Well here is to hoping you all get that bundle, kennel, or nest you have been waiting on! This is Ava over and out Happy Breeding Everyone!!!


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