Pregnancy Boosters Are Amazing!

Happy Monday!! I hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! I bet quite a few of you breeders spent sometime this weekend watching your pregnant horses or K9s, waiting for that last 5% of pregnancy to finish! Well, did you know that Amaretto sells an awesome product called the pregnancy booster?! That’s right! These pregnancy boosters are sold in 1% and 5% for both horses and K9! You can use them at any point during a horse’s or K9’s pregnancy, however you can only use one booster per pregnancy. They are very easy to use…

1. Open boxed Amaretto Brand Horse or Amaretto Brand K9 Pregnancy Booster and rez next to the horse or K9 you wish to boost the pregnancy.

2. Click the horse or K9 and go to the consumables option on the menu.

3. Find Preg Boost from the options on the menu and click it. Once the horse’s or K9’s stats have been updated the Amaretto Brand Pregnancy Booster bottle will disappear.

Simple as that… buying a pregnancy booster can save you hours of waiting for that wonderful bundle or kennel to drop!

Horse Boosters

K9 Preg Booster

So have an awesome time breeding those horses and K9 and I hope you get some wonderful bundles and kennels!

Until Next Time…………..


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