Happy Tuesday everyone!!

LE Packs

So I was down at the Amaretto horse store looking around and I was wondering if you all were aware of the Limited Edition foods that were available to the Amaretto community? Amaretto thought it would be a fun idea to release all the special foods that were for sale over the last 3 years! So the following items are now available again:

Amaretto Limited Edition- Lovers Pack

Lovers Pack

Amaretto Limited Edition- Goodies for Santa Pack

Santa Pack

Amaretto Limited Edition- Sweet Pack

Sweets Pack

Amaretto Limited Edition- Sushi Pack

Sushi Pack

Limited Edition Cinco de Mayo- Cactus Pack

Cinco De Mayo Pack

Amaretto Limited Edition- Fright Night Pack

Fright Night Pack

Amaretto Limited Edition- Tiki Pack

Tiki Pack

Amaretto Limited Edition- Candy Corn Pack

Candy Corn Pack
Amaretto Limited Edition- Caramel Apple Pack

Carmel Apple Pack

There is also the Limited Edition-Independence Day 5X Pack

Independance Day Pack

The(5x) Breedable food and salt are a new addition to the consumables available. This works exactly the same as regular breedable food and salt except each (5x) food and salt contains 5 times the servings as a normal food or salt.

SO next time you have a set up with a special theme, give the Limited Edition food and salt licks a try for that extra added touch!

Happy Limited Edition feeding!!

Until next time….


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