Oh boy today is an exciting Saturday!! Not only is it Double Points day… but a brand new Haven Horse was released!! The amazing Zebracorn… and these beauties are like all the other haven horses, the coat does not pass, but the awesome eyes do have the ability to pass, but hold on…. I’m not done yet… if you breed the new Zebracorn with any other horned horse (the horn must be shown in the stats) you can have a chance at one of the Zebracorn’s horn passing… oh oh but wait…. you may also have a chance at another hidden surprise! There are four Zebracorn colors that are random from the bundle and gender are random as well. The awesome Roach mane does have the ability to pass but the adorable Lion tail does not. So remember Double points until 11:59pm SLT Saturday September 27, there will be double points for horses, k-9’s and birds! So get those points ready and grab you a new Zebracorn!

10655189_767801553266255_5821812699485357721_oHappy Havening!!!!!!!

Until next time….


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