Amaretto Pregnancy Boosters

Happy Friday Everyone ! Hope everyone is having a good breeding day !
Hope everyone had a nice Christmas an look for for the coming New Year 2015 !!

Let’s talk about Pregnancy Boosters and what they do as you are sitting waiting on that special bundle to drop which is 99% an ready to drop. Well you can purchase a 1% pregnancy booster to help it along. Amaretto also has the 5% booster if your want to rucsh your horses to birth that bundle.

The Amaretto Pregnancy Boosters are a onetime use booster that will increase one of your horse’s pregnancies by 1% or 5% depending on which one you purchase. To use this consumable:

1. Open boxed Pregnancy Booster and rez next to the horse you wish to increase the pregnancy level.
2. Click the horse and go to the consumables option on the menu.
3. Find Pregnancy Booster from the options on the menu and click it.
Once the horses stats have been updated the Pregnancy Booster bottle will disappear.
*This stat booster can only be used on a horse ONCE per pregnancy*

Amaretto Brand Pregnancy Booster 1% & 5% come in the following pack sizes

Single Pack
Five Pack

You can pick up both these boosters at any Amaretto Horse Stores

Until next week Happy Breeding

5 booster_001

1 booster_001


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