Crazed Coats!?!

Going into our 5th year we wanted to celebrate another crazy year in SL with a special monthly coat from our beloved horses and k-9s. So we had our design team conjure up some awesome looking “Crazed Coats”. These Crazed Coats are similar to the Showhorse/Best in Show and Twist in that you breed two specific horses/K-9s together and get this new special coat. These coats do have the ability to pass as well as the super cute eye and the K-9s collar.

So what are the first Crazed Coats to come in the month of January? Well we have picked the Sorrel and the Husky! So from January 5th to February 5th 2015, if you breed ANY Sorrel coats together you have a chance at getting a Crazed Coat Sorrel!! For our K-9 enthusiasts, breed ANY Husky together and have a chance at getting a Crazed Coat Husky!! We want our new coats to be a surprise so we aren’t going to post any pictures until they arrive on the grid. This is just one of the many “special” things we have planned for our next crazy year!!

Have fun and crazy breeding!!



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